Why Live Chat?


At Today’s Digital Solutions, we understand the needs of today’s consumer. Customers typically exhibit a sense of urgency and hope to conduct business in the most efficient way possible. We believe that Live Chat fulfills these basic needs. Customers can inquire about just about anything, on their own time, from their own phone or computer, in the way that they feel most comfortable: ultimately, they have complete control.



Understanding Customer Preference: The Value of Chat

FACT: Almost 62% of Internet consumers said they would purchase more products online if live customer support were available, according to a poll by Andersen Consulting.

The most common complaints a customer has with any customer service interaction are the following: language barriers, extended hold times, and general unavailability of services. With Live Chat, a helpful agent is there precisely when the customer needs them, period. Live Chat can transcend common language barriers and expedite any interaction, from hours to a minute or less.

FACT: Due to the prevalence of mobile communication, it has been expected that 75% or more of regular shoppers will have engaged in a live chat with a retailer by 2013, according to a research conducted by a subsidiary of LogMeIn.


FACT: According to this study, 1 in 5 shoppers, once introduced, preferred live chat as their communication method of choice when contacting a retailer, no matter the circumstance.

Why not be ahead of the curve and communicate in a way most customers prefer? Much like preferring text to phone conversations, customers can see the immediate benefit of Live Chat: a clear and concise way to communicate one-on-one.

Our Model: The Blueprint To Your Success

In order to be successful with Live Chat, we believe a specific framework must be used. While Live Chat is exponentially beneficial, there is a way to do it wrong.

FACT: Repeated invites, browser take-over’s and poor initiation practices have all been shown to be negative implications of poorly constructed Live Chats.

Today’s Digital Solutions’ tried-and-true Live Chat method has one of the highest conversion rates in communicating virtually with customers. Your online business can now be fully staffed 24/7, increasing your ROI and revenue.

Best of all, each interaction is transcribed and archived so that consistency and efficiency can be monitored. Because our Live Chat tool is simply a host service, you have the power to customize this interaction to fit the needs of your unique business.

The Future of Customer Service: The Cyber Hug

We understand that each customer has his or her own needs. Essentially any inquiry a customer may have can be answered via Live Chat. In producing answers and facilitating further interaction, your Live Chat agent becomes the best asset to the ultimate success of your business.

At the end of this experience, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We know that the basic relationship between customer and business will not change. Through sophisticated algorithms, we have found a way to engage the customer in a way we like to call a ‘cyber hug’. The customer should leave every visit to your website knowing that their needs were addressed and their expectations met.

Here at Today’s Digital Solutions, we believe Live Chat is the next step in customer satisfaction, for any business.



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