A Constant Presence: The Most Powerful Asset to Your Business

Regardless of the medium, Today’s Digital Solutions believes constant access to your business is the best way to gain and retain customers. With the proper mechanisms, it is possible to increase the virtual presence of your business exponentially. We know how challenging and demanding call centers can be. Our trained staff is prepared to help your company grow.

By using Today’s Digital Solutions’ Inbound and Outbound Call Center, any customer inquiry can be handled in a timely and efficient manner. We aim to create the feeling of a ‘cyber hug’ with every interaction we facilitate, so that the customer knows that, no matter what, they remain a valued and respected asset to your business.

Outsourcing: Efficient and Cost Effective

Did you know? An onshore call center campaign can cost upwards of $50 an hour. Here at Today’s Digital Solutions, we can create a program for your business for as low as $8 per hour, depending on the number of seats your company will be running. You will have complete control, depending on the number of seats and number of hours your business will be running, with any specific requirements you request.

Not to mention, we have made sure billing can be handled easily and effectively. Our call center is incorporated here in the United States. Payments can be made securely via wire transfer, rest assured you will be paying an American based company. We will soon have accounts and representatives available in both Australia and the UK.

Call center service is a serious profession in the Philippines. About 72% of the Filipino population speaks English as a second language. Moreover, society in the Philippines is heavily influenced by Western culture.

High Standards, High Rewards

Like any employee you may hire, we believe that education and experience are the touchstones to success. With well-trained and highly qualified chat agents, excellent customer service is attainable.

Every single chat agent hired goes through a rigorous training process. Most of our agents have college-level education and have been speaking English for most of their life. They are well-versed in the art of sale negotiation and customer service. Best of all, they are trained specifically for the medium in which they will be working.

Each agent is hired for one specific aspect of our business models and agents are not counter-used. Instead, our agents are trained to do one thing and do it well. These agents are paid well to perform their services in a professional and patient manner. Best of all, these call center agents will be trained in specifically the way you want your company to be run.

Up-To-Date Technology:

Using the latest advancements in Voice Over Internet Protocol technology in our outbound call center. We can assure that every single phone call can produce the same quality sound you would hear on a traditional phone line. You will no longer have to worry about customer frustration due to poor line quality.

With a top of the line monitoring service, you can view and track any and every interaction between a customer and your service representative. By using our remote monitoring system, you’ll be able to read online reports, view charts and graphs, and hear live conversations. A dedicated team leader will work with you to ensure that your agents are maximizing the potential of your campaign.

Best of all, we can assure you that your data will be secure on and off our site. We offer a variety of security options to cater a unique plan that is right for your company. You may keep your database in your office and allow access to a few designated agents. You may also choose to have your database transported to our secure, fire-walled server. We want to make sure your business is handled in the best way for you.

Our Model Catered To Your Unique Business

Based on your business style, these agents will be able to handle a variety of customer inquiries: business locations, specific product information, as well as scheduling appointments and services. This call center will be one of the first and most frequent ways customers may contact your business.

Here at Today’s Digital Solutions, we understand that marketing programs need to be flexible in order to be successful. Before your campaign goes live in our outbound call center, we will give you the time you need to fine-tune your program. You control the selection of agents. We will make sure your program is running smoothly before it goes live.



Want to try it out? We’d be happy to run a trial campaign with you. To hear more about trial campaigns and learn more about our services, contact us now! See how your business can thrive!


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