Are you looking for a solution to your customer service and marketing needs? Perhaps you want results, without the countless hours and resources needed to get you there. That’s where we come in. Today’s Digital Solutions has a proven record of success in marketing and customer management. We will be able to provide the exact solutions you are looking for, catered to your business’s marketing plan.

In today’s society, business individuality is integral to success in any industry. You work hard to create a distinctive and innovative business model. We understand that you must maintain this identity on your website and in any subsequent virtual presence. Live Chat is the next step in distinguishing your business. The suite of products we offer can make the difference to your valued customers, in allowing for the opportunity to expand your offerings or provide you with the ability to acquire new clients. Big business or small, Today’s Digital Solutions has an answer to your customer service and marketing needs.


Catered To Your Business And Customers

Today’s Digital Solutions is the only chat company that uses a robust translator program, which allows agents to chat in almost any language. Our software translates to Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and Arabic, just to name a few. This means that you can reach out to any customer, in almost any language, instantly.

Any customer inquiry can be handled efficiently for a fraction of the cost. We believe it is important for your customers to know how valuable their time and input is. So we work hard to provide a state-of-the-art, industry leading, business model. In establishing a constant presence in whatever industry you may work in, growth and profit are inevitable.

Our Product, Your Name

At Today’s Digital Solutions, we are able to offer our complete line of Live Chat programming as a White Label product. This means that you will have complete access to our state of the art software and highly trained staff, all while maintaining your brand. You can focus on your running your business and leave the rest to us. We are already a leader in the industry--we know what works and what doesn’t. We want to help you see your business thrive.

How We Can Help:

  • 24/7 Chat Management: Our staff works around the clock to provide the best possible customer service to every site visitor, every single time.
  • Constant Customer Technical Support: Under your own name, any customer issue can be handled in a respectful and efficient way, in the medium the customer prefers. Via phone or text message, any customer inquiry can be handled effortlessly: reservations, appointments, product information and contact information, all transmitted in real time.
  • Affordable Chat Service: For just about any budget, we can create a unique plan that allows for more leads, higher customer satisfaction and ultimately a greater profit for your business.

The White Label configuration allows your business to continue promoting its brand. Our name will not appear on your site anywhere. Better yet, this software can be customized to bear your unique logo. We will handle the logistics. All you have to handle is the billing and invoicing. As long as you provide us with a customer support liaison, we can facilitate all client needs, handle technical support and create agent scripts. We can handle it all, with little to no daily hassle for your business.


The process is quick and easy. The benefits of live chat are extensive and the results immediate. Best of all, you can display a product that you can proudly brand with your business name.
The possibilities are endless. Are you ready to experience the difference? Ask us how to get started today!


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